The Beginning of Football

footballAh, the joys of football. The unique game enjoyed by many all over – well mostly just the United States. From every other place other than America and Canada, I’m not speaking of soccer, although soccer was a term that originated in Britain about two hundred years ago, the relation to games such as rugby football was bound to cause some confusion.

The history of American football (not the round one, remember?) is not a lengthy one, only starting in the later part nineteenth century. In November of 1869, students from Rutgers and Princeton played a soccer style game inspired by the London Football Association’s rules. Meanwhile colleges is Boston were experimenting with a rugby soccer hybrid. Yale medical student, Walter Camp was a key in American football’s development. He is even known as the father of football. He came up with the quarterback position, eleven man team, and the line of scrimmage. Also, he threw away the ‘scrimmage’ and offered that the team must give up the ball after a certain number of ‘downs’.

Football has come a long way and has been developed thoroughly. Nowadays there are even fantasy football teams where people trade somewhat imaginary players in a sense based on the real athletes. Powered by platforms such as Yahoo, it is a surprisingly popular hobby. Touchdown dances are an art form in the sport. So if you go and buy a ticket to a football game you will probably get a bit of a dance show as well. And you’ve probably heard of the Tebowing where Tim bows down in prayer mid game.

Unfortunately, like anything there is a bit of a dark side to some of the people involved. Michael Vick of the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and Atlanta falcons was involved in a dog fighting ring for around five years. Other than that, they continue to perform great games for millions of people.